Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clarification on Eshakti

Hey, once Eshakti read my review they had a couple of clarifications....

Here's what they said:

Thank you for the review. We appreciate your candid remarks about the site load time. We did encounter very slow load times for about a week or so. Our team has worked on it and it is now working fine.

Just thought we'd clarify a few points that were noted as part of your review:

We do not charge separate fees for size & style customizations. Any change you do to a particular garment is at $7.50

And the first time you place a custom order with us, we do not charge and do it FREE

We have our Returns center located in Seattle, WA and customers do not have to send any return back to our India office. We also reimburse the difference in return shipping charges that customers pay over $6.50
All of that is good news and makes me excited to slim on down so I can order from them once I my next ten pounds reward. :) 

Hope it's helpful to someone, I'm hoping to do an affiliate program with them, so check back if I review them again. :)

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