Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MIche Bags

While the Cyber Monday sale is no longer going on, most of these bags are still in stock:

Miche Bags is having a big Cyber Monday Sale.  A lot of their shells are 50% off and a lot of them are already on sale.  It makes it a good time to start, if you want to.

Let me share some of my favorites:

This one is Ashley, she's so cute and fun she's not on sale, she runs 19.95

This one is Whitney.  I LOVE her, I think she's new.  She's also not on sale and she's 24.95, but darn it if she doesn't SCREAM to be partied with.

This adorable little lady is Natalie.  SHE IS on sale.  She is of my official "out of the box" bag.  I mean, I currently have no idea when I would wear her, but I hope to.  I mean, a girl needs to stretch, right?  She'll be 10 bucks on Cyber Monday.

And this last one is named Scarlet.  Wonder how they got that name? :)  Anyway, she's 19.95

Isn't it crazy how these are all technically the same bag (at least on the inside).. but they all look so different, and unique, and lovely...

And now, for the big bags (Miche has 3 sizes, Big, classic and mini).

This one's "Oakley" which, btw, I don't really think fits her at all.  Just my opinion. :)  I ADORE her though, she also needs some serious partying.  Sadly, she's not on sale and she's priced at 34.95

This one is SO Cute, her name is Heidi.  She is 39.95  I love how this one could totally be super dressy, or it can "come out and play" as well. :D

And this little number has the best name of all.  She's a bit of a whore because she's totally pimpin' herself out at 50% off, being only 17.48...She's not this brown in person, much more tan.  Because we all know that Hilary's just don't tan. :)

Here's the purple Ms. Julia.  She's also quite a bargain at 19.95 -- anyone aware of my current purple obsession?

And finally Ms. Laney.  I just can't quite wrap my head around her but I think this bag is SO some of my friends, I bet they'd love her and have lots that went with her.  On Cyber Monday she's a whopping 50% off making her just around 20 bucks.

Anyway, in an effort for full disclosure, I did just have a Miche party over the weekend.  Depending on what you order, and if you're willing to jump through like 12 hoops I may or may not get some hostess credit... but honestly, this is a product that I just realy like.  All the bags that you've seen on this blog are ones that I have just purchased, on my own with no discount attached.  I mean, ladies, that's rare.

OH, my goodness, I forgot the best part.  On the big bags (the second ones I listed) the BIG BAG IS MACHINE WASHABLE.  I never knew that.  I mean, that is A-MAZing, isn't it?  So, sippy cup spills in your bag, no biggie... just wash it!  So, I'm getting a big bag, I'm thinking it may be my new diaper bag.  Honestly, I just don't know other than that I really "need" one.  All the products are available at http://www.andreasmichebags.com/.  Before ordering you'll need a password which you can get from Andrea.

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